Balance Magazine Issue 1 & 2

Double spread illustration and self-portraits for the first issue of my friend’s magazine. All images on these spreads are self-directed and curated by Maithreyee. Magazine

Technology Super-Highway

This video was made thinking of the face-paced development in technology in the past decade. How from not having any forms of digital communication, our

MOAN: Album cover

The brief set by Joe was “I want two pirates on a pirate ship with thicc bitches and gold everywhere, with a Henderson’s Relish ship

Digiscope: A Digital Timescape

I wanted to study human evolution and understand where our origin began. With so many opposing theories and laws made by scientists in their studies

Kali Maata

Kali Devi

A project that delved into self-actualisation through theology and the importance representation has on one’s identity. Kali Devi is generally identified as the ‘demon goddess’

5000 Grains of Rice

5000 Grain of Rice was a collaborative project with Minh Nguyen that revolved around bringing to light the family-owned Asian restaurants in Leeds that have

Anger Management

Anger Management

    Watch Anger Management Film:   Before the carnage:   Brian’s Brain Exhibition A collaborative exhibition Brian’s Brain at Santiago Bar, on a rainy

Who, Why Me?

Visual poetry zine that delves into the personal battle between self-identity and external identity one portrays as an amalgamation of the different influences we have


Looking for Home

As I learn more about the world, and the differences I noticed in the UK compared to the life in India, I noticed a stark

Kolkata Bus

Part of Home in Calcutta

  Pagoda in Tiretti Bazaar While roaming the streets of Territi Bazaar I stumbled upon a Chinese Club. The group of elderly club-members who were

Artisans of Kumortuli

Artisans of Kumartoli Kumortoli is the traditional potter’s quarter in the old city area of Calcutta. While walking through the narrow roads you are transported

Confluence of Cultures

Confluence of Cultures

My first solo exhibition revolved around the topic of ‘globalisation’ within the art world. A place where influences from different parts of the world inevitably


The Farmers

“Between 1995 and 2006, official records indicate that 166,304 farmers died by suicide in India (∼16,000 per year) and that at its peak, ∼18,000 farmers



“We fight a double-edged sword with the world. As we get the freedom to be ourselves and express the true nature of our existence, we

Asked for a Sign

You asked for a Sign

This painting was inspired by the effect religion has on the people and the decisions they make. A roadside guru with his array of god

Cupid's Arrow

Cupid’s Bow

This painting was inspired by a poem I wrote in 2014 when I was wondering about the impact of individuality in the world and how

A Tragic Event

A Tragic Event of Colour

Colours can help predict the emotions in a piece of work-this particular piece I was inspired to use the concept of a monochromatic colour scheme

2008 Mumbai Bombings

2008 Mumbai Tragedy

As we read the story of the unsung heroes of the 2008 Mumbai Bombings during a lecture during English; I couldn’t help but picture the

Cows Block the Street

Cows on the Street

As I write about this piece I made in 2011, I am reminded of the time I worked as a waitress in an Indian Restaurant

Jamini Roy

Jamini Roy and Folkrt

My Work: Jamini Roy was a Bengali painter from the small town of Beliatore in West Bengal. If you are an art-loving individual, you will