Who, Why Me?

Visual poetry zine that delves into the personal battle between self-identity and external identity one portrays as an amalgamation of the different influences we have through media we consume. Are we all a product of our influences or can we still represent ourselves if the layers are stripped away? The images on the book were made with image manipulation, inspired by a poem I wrote in a fit of confusion with my identity.



Who, Why me?

To look in the mirror and see yourself
Yet finding yourself in somebody else,
These lives we are leading tears me apart
But finding who I am,
Makes me an unconventional piece of art
My tattered boots and ragged shirts,
My tatted arms and crooked mind,
The scars on my body,
So dense they grasp you from afar
Yet, I feel so lost
In a land full of minuscule
Filled with herds of cows
They look at me,
My bloody eyes, blurred face
And a cold, cold heart
But these are just thoughts in my head,
As the music plays
I think,
Fuck them,
I’m great!