Balance Magazine Issue 1 & 2

Double spread illustration and self-portraits for the first issue of my friend’s magazine. All images on these spreads are self-directed and curated by Maithreyee. Magazine Editorial is directed and curated by Jacqueline Naylor. Balance – Wellbeing and Creativity Magazine (Issue 1), Published on Aug 10, 2020, Issue 1 – A vibrant, unique and inclusive magazine […]

Digiscope: A Digital Timescape

I wanted to study human evolution and understand where our origin began. With so many opposing theories and laws made by scientists in their studies and with the advent of the Internet. I wanted to address how nimble our view of human life has become, such that we chase a fantasy utopia that we are […]

Looking for Home


As I learn more about the world, and the differences I noticed in the UK compared to the life in India, I noticed a stark lack of colour and charm in the high-rise buildings and wide-open roads here. Yet under the misty grey skies, I feel a sense of comfort when I walk by someone […]