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Pagoda in Tiretti Bazaar

While roaming the streets of Territi Bazaar I stumbled upon a Chinese Club. The group of elderly club-members who were playing cards and smoking cigars invited me and my friend Saheli in to see the Pagoda. A quiet room with wafts of sandalwood agarbatti (incense sticks) and the monk who sat in deep concentration. We stood there staring at the glory of the idols, walk to the balcony and talked about the difference we see within different religions. Hinduism that celebrates with an intensity of life, Buddhism seems like a long-lost brother of the same that celebrates the calm within the chaos of life. We thanked the group of old men, still arguing over their game of poker and walked around in the rain to look for a chaiwallah to have some fresh matka chai (chai in a clay pot).

Experiencing the small joys in life brings a lot more satisfaction within the mundane fast-paced lives we live in the developed cities of India. A gentrified reality, aiming for the cosmopolitan life, whilst we leave back the unembellished simplicity of life and human experiences in this chase of fortune ‘in the big city.’

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Phoolwaalah (Flower vendor) Tiretti Bazaar

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Chaiwaalah in Tiretti Bazaar

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