Looking for Home


As I learn more about the world, and the differences I noticed in the UK compared to the life in India, I noticed a stark lack of colour and charm in the high-rise buildings and wide-open roads here. Yet under the misty grey skies, I feel a sense of comfort when I walk by someone and share a glance of a smile. People look down a lot, think too much and express themselves overtly very less. Looking for home was a series of digital illustrations on photos I took around Leeds, a place I am trying to call my home, whilst figuring out where my home is. A sense of freedom I experienced in the UK is contrasted with the culture I grew up with. My friend Hana was the model of the shoot, as we lived together we experienced a similarity in thoughts of missing where we came from, trying to stick to our roots but trying to fit in and experience the life in the UK. It represents a sense of displacement which is juxtaposed by the dark photos to the brighter colours of the illustrations on top.


Sketchbook Pages


Final prints

See the works:

Yaha Peshab Karna Mana Hai

PCO Box on Statue


Bus to Leeds Docks