Balance Magazine Issue 1 & 2

Double spread illustration and self-portraits for the first issue of my friend’s magazine. All images on these spreads are self-directed and curated by Maithreyee. Magazine Editorial is directed and curated by Jacqueline Naylor. Balance – Wellbeing and Creativity Magazine (Issue 1), Published on Aug 10, 2020, Issue 1 – A vibrant, unique and inclusive magazine […]

Technology Super-Highway

This video was made thinking of the face-paced development in technology in the past decade. How from not having any forms of digital communication, our lives are now ridden with screens of various kinds.  The first montage showcases a digital timeline, wherein I used images of inventions right from UNIVAC the first-ever commercial computer to […]

MOAN: Album cover

The brief set by Joe was “I want two pirates on a pirate ship with thicc bitches and gold everywhere, with a Henderson’s Relish ship sail on the ship.” The tattoo on the ass of the nice lady was my idea and Joe’s outfit is inspired by a ninja pirate (his true aura.) 🎨⚔️✨ […]

Digiscope: A Digital Timescape

I wanted to study human evolution and understand where our origin began. With so many opposing theories and laws made by scientists in their studies and with the advent of the Internet. I wanted to address how nimble our view of human life has become, such that we chase a fantasy utopia that we are […]

Kali Devi

Kali Maata

A project that delved into self-actualisation through theology and the importance representation has on one’s identity. Kali Devi is generally identified as the ‘demon goddess’ in Hindu mythology. When Durga Devi pushes into her rage, she transforms in Kali. Kali, with her flowing hair, black skin, and bloodshot eyes is the opposite of the graceful […]

5000 Grains of Rice

5000 Grain of Rice was a collaborative project with Minh Nguyen that revolved around bringing to light the family-owned Asian restaurants in Leeds that have brought us a part of the home in a new country. Made for the exhibition ‘Celebrating Leeds’ commissioned by Central Square, they wanted us to celebrate things that make Leeds […]

Anger Management

Anger Management

    Watch Anger Management Film:   Before the carnage:   Brian’s Brain Exhibition A collaborative exhibition Brian’s Brain at Santiago Bar, on a rainy evening. A group of artists delve into their personal experiences through a fictional entity “Brian” who is also an artist, a subversive amalgamation of all of our different lives. This […]

Who, Why Me?

Visual poetry zine that delves into the personal battle between self-identity and external identity one portrays as an amalgamation of the different influences we have through media we consume. Are we all a product of our influences or can we still represent ourselves if the layers are stripped away? The images on the book were […]

Looking for Home


As I learn more about the world, and the differences I noticed in the UK compared to the life in India, I noticed a stark lack of colour and charm in the high-rise buildings and wide-open roads here. Yet under the misty grey skies, I feel a sense of comfort when I walk by someone […]

Money, Power and Demonetisation in India


This sculpture was made with reused materials, the wooden stand was sourced from a scraps dealers, and the mountboard used to make the sculpture was found in a paper recycling market, I covered it with scans of the now discontinued ₹500 and ₹1000 notes in India. It was inspired by this essay I wrote during […]

Part of Home in Calcutta

Kolkata Bus

  Pagoda in Tiretti Bazaar While roaming the streets of Territi Bazaar I stumbled upon a Chinese Club. The group of elderly club-members who were playing cards and smoking cigars invited me and my friend Saheli in to see the Pagoda. A quiet room with wafts of sandalwood agarbatti (incense sticks) and the monk who […]

Artisans of Kumortuli

Artisans of Kumartoli Kumortoli is the traditional potter’s quarter in the old city area of Calcutta. While walking through the narrow roads you are transported to a completely different realm. The artists in Kumartoli are seen busy making the idols of Goddess Durga, the warrior goddess in different forms depicting different stories. While walking through […]

Confluence of Cultures

Confluence of Cultures

My first solo exhibition revolved around the topic of ‘globalisation’ within the art world. A place where influences from different parts of the world inevitably affect the way we think and represent ourselves and the influence artists from different background and styles can impact one’s art.

The Farmers


“Between 1995 and 2006, official records indicate that 166,304 farmers died by suicide in India (∼16,000 per year) and that at its peak, ∼18,000 farmers were taking their own lives every year.” Yet globalisation in India has led to a rise in franchise-led stores being opened in India and the increase of fast food and […]



“We fight a double-edged sword with the world. As we get the freedom to be ourselves and express the true nature of our existence, we are targeted by the world that wants to harm the freedom of individual we choose to express. Why are we being put into a box, that is bound by the guides […]

You asked for a Sign

Asked for a Sign

This painting was inspired by the effect religion has on the people and the decisions they make. A roadside guru with his array of god portraits and idols will help a lost individual choose the correct path. Why is it difficult for us to choose a path without an unseen force guiding us through our […]

Cupid’s Bow

Cupid's Arrow

This painting was inspired by a poem I wrote in 2014 when I was wondering about the impact of individuality in the world and how it affects relationships with other humans and helps attract the love that accepts one for themselves.     Cupid’s Bow   Can the world see through the hate? If Cupid’s […]

Lady, her Phone and the case of Mass Plagiarism

Lady with a Phone

Was the advent of technology really a boon for humanity? – I look at different aspects of technological advancement and question its existence. Introduction of Lomoprinting and screen printing developed a whole strain of artists that create works of no substance- purely for quantity. When did art without meaning becomes something of value? In this […]

A Tragic Event of Colour

A Tragic Event

Colours can help predict the emotions in a piece of work-this particular piece I was inspired to use the concept of a monochromatic colour scheme in order to portray the story of the piece. The deep tones of blues in the foreground are used to symbolise a sense of ‘calming terror’. I wanted to focus […]

2008 Mumbai Tragedy

2008 Mumbai Bombings

As we read the story of the unsung heroes of the 2008 Mumbai Bombings during a lecture during English; I couldn’t help but picture the diligent firefighters and soldiers who saved the people stuck in the burning building of the Taj Mahal Hotel, the devoted staff- who refused to care for their own lives, and […]

Cows on the Street

Cows Block the Street

As I write about this piece I made in 2011, I am reminded of the time I worked as a waitress in an Indian Restaurant in Leeds during 2017- a customer walked in, greeted me, and followed to show me a photo of a cow on a highway in India. He proceeded to ask me- […]

Jamini Roy and Folkrt

Jamini Roy

My Work: Jamini Roy was a Bengali painter from the small town of Beliatore in West Bengal. If you are an art-loving individual, you will have come across the distinctive “Kalighat” style of folk art represented in his work. He was one of the most well-recognized pupils of Abanindranath Tagore. He was awarded the Padma […]