Artisans of Kumortuli

Artisans of KumartuliArtisans of Kumartoli

Kumortoli is the traditional potter’s quarter in the old city area of Calcutta. While walking through the narrow roads you are transported to a completely different realm. The artists in Kumartoli are seen busy making the idols of Goddess Durga, the warrior goddess in different forms depicting different stories.

While walking through Kumartoli you not only feel inspired by the artworks, but it is also the place to observe and learn the traditional form of Patua art. Distinctive features of this form of art are the eyes, that are made big and bold; and minute details that form the expressions and ornaments/ garments of the figurines.

I took the opportunity to click pictures of the artisans while at work. Most of them very deep in work, while some smiled and asked me to show them the pictures I took. Even though the place is small and difficult to find, an experience like this cannot be recreated. Cultural art is still prevalent in India and experiences like this will educate people and help the art-form thrive. To support local artists is a huge part of Indian culture, and the artisans of Kumortuli love sharing their art to the world. Instead of buying idols from retailers, people choose to buy it directly from the artist and support cultural art.


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