A Tragic Event of Colour

A Tragic Event

Colours can help predict the emotions in a piece of work-this particular piece I was inspired to use the concept of a monochromatic colour scheme in order to portray the story of the piece. The deep tones of blues in the foreground are used to symbolise a sense of ‘calming terror’. I wanted to focus on the shapes and textures of the characters in the painting which was made effective by the use of the colour scheme. The snake charges to attack the songbird as it flies towards the rescue of its eggs in the nest. The spectating birds in the surrounding wait, patiently, as they seem to know what’s coming for the snake… 

As the hawk leads into the page to attack the snake, a sense of unheard justice will reign over the painting. The harsh contrast of the warm colours from the window, with the audience viewing the scene of nature from the comfort of their world- are they the real terror causing the chaos?